BPS co

The first producer of turbochargers and attached parts in Iran and the leading in manufacturing national engine's advanced components
Oil Module
Hydraulic power steering pump
Joint cooperation of BPS and Europe in the development of auto parts production

Knowledge Based

Use of technical and engineering knowledge for components and engine sets


Self-sufficiency of engine complex parts


Marketing and exporting products to global markets

Test Equipments



    Turbocharger test cell

    - For the first time in the Middle East

    Hydraulic steering Pump Test

    -Standard Hydraulic steering pump performance test in accordance with Peugeot
  • water pump Test


    Leakage tests

    - Vacuum leak test
    - Water leak test
    - Aerial leakage measuring test 

    Solenoid valve tests

    - Solenoid valve performance tests
  • Fatigue Testing

    - pulley fatigue test
    - Bearing fatigue test

    Turbochargers hot test room


Development & Research

High quality products, innovative ideas in the production of test equipments, offering effective strategies to localizing products

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contact us

Central Office: 2nd floor, Carmania building, No. 621, 21 km of Tehran-Karaj road, Tehran, Iran.
phone number: +982191070081
Email: info@bpsanat.com
Factory: Sanat 6 st, Takestan road, 30th km of Qazvin, Iran.
phone number: +982835228866
Email: infofactory@bpsanat.com
Science & Technology Park Office: Science & Technology Park of Imam Khomeini, 2th km Road Barajin, Blvd Nokhbegan, Janbazam Square, Qazvin, Iran.
phone number: +982833650819