Turbocharger test cell

This technology is first implemented in the Middle East by BPS co, which is ready to provide services to the automotive industry, engine research centers and universities.




  • Compressor and turbine performance test (tuning of input air temperature, tuning the air and gas pressure of the device, making of turbocharger interface parts)
  • ِDurability test (heat shock)
  • Test performance at different rates (Productive Blow-by discharge rate, Sealing, …)
  • Turbocharger durability test at different time intervals
  • Thermal penetration test
  • Turbocharger noise test
  • Modeling and testing of turbochargers in the scatter band
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of turbochargers
  • Simulation of one-dimensional and three-dimensional flow, simultaneous analysis of heat and flow transmission